3 thoughts on “New DEQ director’s former employer has environmental record dings

  1. Not that it matters now but is this the best you can do in your reaction to Tippets appointment. Why aren’t you talking about the fat pension he will get because of the loophole that the house voted to close but the senate committee chair Kurt McKenzie
    refused to hear in committee. It is time for the Governor to pay off the good old boys like Geddes, Cameron, Werk and now Tippets. This is where the real story lies on how these politicians will rip off the taxpayers of Idaho with their bloated pensions. These are the same people who have backed the governor on each and every bill he wanted to push through the legislature. The same people who voted for the State Healthcare Exchange and the new increase in the gas tax. If your going to report something bring up some of the important subject matter. Why don’t you do some digging to see what Cameron’s relationship has been with the insurance policies for our state schools. Or the fact that Tippets voted for the State Healthcare Exchange without declaring a conflict of interest by being a member of IACI’s board. I know you can do better than this Melissa

    1. Bob, I gotta say, I get a little tired of “this is where the real story lies” criticisms.

      There are many angles to this appointment, just like there are many angles to every complicated political story.

      IdahoReporter.com has done a great job of covering the pension issue. We decided to take a look at this. The end.

  2. Good work, Melissa, as always. Agree that Freedom Foundation has covered the pension business very well.

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