Little vetoes Coronavirus Pause Act

By Melissa Davlin, Idaho Reports

Gov. Brad Little has vetoed the Coronavirus Pause Act.

The Coronavirus Pause Act goes against his limited government philosophy, Little wrote in his veto letter, adding the proposal “significantly expands government overreach into the private sector.”

The proposed law would have prevented both public and private entities from requiring vaccinations as a condition of employment or service. Senate President Pro Tem, Sen. Todd Lakey, and Rep. Ben Adams sponsored the bill.

“I have been consistent in stating my belief that businesses should be left to make decisions about the management of their operations and employees with limited interference from government,” Little wrote. “For the same reason, I sued to stop President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates three times, successfully challenging his unprecedented government overreach into the lives of American workers and the decisions of free businesses.”

The Legislature is reconvening on Thursday, and may attempt to override the veto, which would require two-thirds from both the House and Senate.

The original legislation passed the Senate on a 24-11 vote, and the House 45-23. Even with popular legislation, overturning a veto is a tough hurdle — A yes vote on legislation doesn’t guarantee a vote against the governor.

Read the full veto letter below.

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