Committee moves forward memorial supporting Ukraine

By Ruth Brown, Idaho Reports

The House Ways and Means Committee has moved forward a memorial supporting Ukraine.

The memorial, introduced Tuesday by Rep. Matt Bundy, R-Mountain Home, and Rep. Colin Nash, D-Boise, states Idaho’s support for the Ukrainian people and condemns Russia’s attack.

Bundy said he wanted to show support for the Ukrainian people, adding that Ukraine is a sovereign nation that should be able to govern itself.

According to PBS NewsHour, since Russia began its attack on Ukraine last week, more than 500,000 people have fled Ukraine.

Despite sanctions, Russia continues its advance into Ukraine. 

The U.N. human rights chief told the Associated Press on Monday that at least 102 civilians have been killed and hundreds wounded in more than four days of fighting. That’s believed to be a “vast undercount.” At least 16 children are among the dead.

Rep. Ilana Rubel, D-Boise, supported moving the memorial forward.

“I have just been sick watching the coverage of this,” Rubel said. “…I will enthusiastically be voting yes.”

The memorial now goes to the House of Representatives.

<strong>Ruth Brown</strong> | Producer
Ruth Brown | Producer

Ruth Brown grew up in South Dakota and her first job out of college was covering the South Dakota Legislature. She’s since moved on to Idaho lawmakers. Brown spent 10 years working in print journalism, including newspapers such as the Idaho Statesman and Idaho Press, where she’s covered everything from the correctional system to health care issues. She joined Idaho Reports in 2021 and looks forward to telling stories about how state policy can impact the lives of regular Idahoans.

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