Former Senator Dean Mortimer hospitalized with COVID-19

by Logan Finney, Idaho Reports

On the Senate floor Monday, Sen. Fred Martin, R-Boise, read portions of a letter from former education chairman Sen. Dean Mortimer, R-Idaho Falls, who described his recent hospitalization due to COVID-19. 

Sen. Dean Mortimer on Idaho Reports in 2020

“We as a state have focused rightfully on prevention measures,” Mortimer wrote, “all of which I have been diligent in adhering to, except I did not get vaccinated. We were waiting for others, and had been exposed multiple times, and felt okay with waiting some time. Big mistake, right?”

Sen. Martin reads a letter from former Sen. Mortimer about his COVID-19 hospitalization.

“After one night in the hospital, I am feeling tons better,” Mortimer’s letter reads. “I am on oxygen part-time, steroids for lung help, and aspirin for clotting. I feel like a human again.”

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