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  1. Looks like a clash not in the principles of not supporting diversity or supporting diversity, but a clash in the definition of what it means to be an American and support the role of laws and law enforcement. If people of color don’t want white people to support them when they don’t agree wholeheartedly on how to resolve an issue, then the problem isn’t being a white democrat the problem is not being a non white democrat and daring to have an opinion. The Democrats have always upheld individuality over nationalistic thinking, which is what plays out in these debates. ICE is doing it’s job, unfortunately it has had poor leadership under Trump. I personally don’t know a Democrat that supports the separation of family. Blaming ICE is shooting the messenger, not changing the message. Chilcot’s comments were meant to hurt people who do not see the same answer she has and I am sorry that Sojka responded to it. I would prefer to hear from Paulette Jordan about the prom comment, not Sojka or you. It is really her perception that matters.

  2. Bob Sojka is a past chair of the TF Dems. He is currently the state committeeman for th TF Dems. Just to clarify his position with the party. He does not speak for the local party but as an individual. He served as MC at the picnic.

  3. I was at the picnic and I heard Bob’s intro and I took it as Paulette was the one we were waiting to hear speak….which she was and the reason I wanted to attend. I have known Bob for quite a while and he is the farthest thing from sexist. Bob was the one I met with and who helped me decide if I should run for County Commissioner. He was SO helpful and supportive during my entire campaign. I think this has been taken out of context and is ridiculous. Many people are supportive of the children and what is happening without being in favor of abolishing those two agencies. It could lead to the Republicans saying Dems are soft on the Border etc…which they have been doing. Just because one is against that stance, does not make one a racist. I think this reporter has taken this a bit too far and attacking Bob like this is uncalled for.

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