1 thought on “Otter, Risch, Crapo, Labrador, Simpson issue statements on sage grouse decision

  1. Expect more heavy handed mandates from the Feds on land use.

    The Sage Grouse’s biggest enemy is the BLM and the U.S.F.S. by cutting grazing on federally controlled land where fires can grow to super fires in a matter of hours. The BLM and U.S.F.S. are terrible stewards of our land and care more about keeping their jobs than preserving our natural resources. We need to start taking our land back under state control a little at a time. Idahoans would be the best managers of our land as they have a vested interest in keeping it safe. The bureaucrats in Washington who want to control our natural resources so that we have no access to one of the only avenues which could improve Idaho’s economic conditions. They would prefer to keep our land locked up and give us federal handouts than allow us to grow our economy by accessing our resources. The federal government already accounts for 36% of Idaho’s budget and every percentage point it rises they get more control over our state.
    Bob Neugebauer, Publisher of the Gem State Patriot

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