4 thoughts on “Idaho and the Clean Power Plan: Easy goals, no clear solution

  1. As usual Melissa you paint this let’s do some good for our environment and agree that we have a carbon problem and global warming. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our current temperature is well below the average for the past 3,000 years.
    Do you really think these new EPA standards are going to do anything to clean up the earth’s atmosphere? I will tell you that the only thing these new rules will do is to cost more jobs and cost consumers more for their electricity. Global warming is no more than a scam to tax energy and put a tax on everyone for energy. Since 1992, 20 thousand scientists from 106 countries with advanced degrees went on record saying that man made global warming is based on flawed theories that are contrary to their research. This list included 75 Nobel Prize Winners and a founder of Greenpeace. You expect us to listen to a President who has presided over one of the slowest growing economies and the highest unemployment and underemployment rate (BLS U6) in our history. Everyday I see more people working two jobs because good paying heavy industry and manufacturing jobs are leaving our country for foreign lands because of lower taxes and less regulations. As our competitors like China steal our ideas and manufacture them to sell to us at much less than we can afford to make them we see the lowest labor participation rate in 35 years. When will the media actually wake up and see the economy of our country crumbling around us? Economics should determine if wind and solar power are worth pursuing not regulations from a bunch of bureaucrats using bad theories and testing methods. Reducing carbon emissions vastly exceed the benefits. Annual cost per U.S. household is estimated at $3,900.00,and it will cause extensive job losses. Global warming is a political agenda and nothing more. It’s time to say no to any more dumb regulations and push back hard on the EPA. You need to read Tony Olson’s, a local author’s, best seller book “Spin Game”. It might enlighten you. If you would like, I can arrange for you to get a free copy.

    Bob Neugebauer, Publisher, The Gem State Patriot

    1. Bob, the story doesn’t celebrate the plan or the EPA. It simply looks at what it means for Idaho and provides a little analysis on what it means for state agencies, rates and policymakers. You are free to attack the EPA all you want on your own site.

  2. Your right I will use my site to attack the EPA as I would not want anyone to think that you would be criticizing the EPA for over regulation.

    Bob Neugebauer

  3. I think that the issue will be decided upon the price being paid for electricity and not using of the out-of-state coal. That will put pressure on the need for a solution. The legislature will probably tie themselves up in a knot and will have a hard time coming up with a logical resolution. The obvious solution, to me, is to utilize a combination of conservation, biomass, hydropower, wind energy, solar, geothermal, natural gas, and nuclear energy in roughly equal proportions. However, that would require some willingness on the part of all vested interests to create a hard-boiled compromise and it would require a gentlemanly and ladylike conversation to occur in the legislature. For those reasons (and many others…) resolving the concerns seem to be way beyond the rainbow.

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