2 thoughts on “Higher-than-expected growth for Idaho’s general fund. So what’s next?

  1. Give the surplus to EDUCATION IN IDAHO! It seems like this is an ALL TALK NO WALK THE WALK issue and the taxpayers STILL have to fun Levies every single year especially in Idaho County. Do it right by funding education and bring the quality of kids education up the ladder. Its quite low when compared to other states. This seems like a no brainer. I’m with Rep. Melissa Wintrow on this.

  2. So just what do you think the $95 million tax increase in gas tax and registration fees will affect the budget going forward. I assure you that taking $95 million out of the hands of the public who actually spend the money and create a multiplier effect and putting it into the hands of the state government is not going to help increase GDP for the coming fiscal year. Tax and spend is not the way to grow an economy. They actually teach that in economics 101.

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