3 thoughts on “Hadian: Short-term loss in child support worth long-term gain for liberty

  1. I’m sorry, but which Idaho Legislative District does Shahram Hadian represent and what do his constituents whose economic survival depends on receiving child support say about his position? And is he willing to reimburse the State of Idaho for the cost of social services that these families turn to when they stop receiving child support payments?

    Oh, that’s right, he doesn’t live in Idaho. He bears none of the cost, pain and suffering that is the consequence of his position. But the Idaho Representatives who killed the child support enforcement bill do bear that responsibility, one of whom is Lynn Luker (R – West Boise).

    I came within a few hundred votes of defeating Luker last November, and I will be running to unseat him again next year.

  2. Yes, it is so much better to make it harder for families to collect their child support. Is he going to help the families affected? I seriously doubt it. Our government shouldn’t listen to him.

  3. Thanks Idaho. We’ll take our share of that $200mil gladly. Signed Oregon

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