1 thought on “House committee tables child support collection bill, potentially losing millions in fed money

  1. You’ve tabled the protection of children via financial child support due to fear of Sharia law, did I get that right? Your fear of Sharia law, even though you all are Christians and know next to nothing about Sunni and Shia Muslims, correct?

    I’m shaking my head and wondering how in the hell did so called Christian people get so stupid? Tense down. I’m a Christian, raised a Mormon and got over than cult making it into a Christian Church – the United Methodist Church. My now ex-husband, his parents born and raised in Kentucky, and his paternal grandfather a Methodist Minister, married me with the blessings of a Methodist minister.

    We had one child, a daughter, who once she became an adult, married a Iraqi refugee. He came to Idaho at the age of 14 with paper work that said he was 10 years older. His oldest brother had been murdered by Saddam Hussein when he was a baby because he was protesting, demanding that all Iraqis be treated equally. He and his family were Shiite Iraqis, Saddam Hussein was a Sunni Muslim. Saddam had his brother killed.
    Then my son-in-law’s father protested against the murder of his son. So Saddam Hussein had him killed. My future son-in-law grew up and found out what had happened to his oldest brother when he was a baby and he became angry. His mother and uncle knew he would be the next one killed by Saddam Hussein so they filled out refugee paper work to send him to the USA but made his age 10 years older, because he was the youngest of his siblings, they were all married with children and could not accompany him and his mother was ill so also could not go with him to the USA. Salah was accepted to the USA as a refugee at the age of 14 with paper work that said he was 24.

    Immigration wanted him to go right to school but he said no, no, no. He wanted to go to work and so they put him to work in a local hospital kitchen, learning first the dishes clean-up, then the other janitorial work, and finally to cook. From there he went on to cook in the restaurants of diners belonging to other Iraqi-Americans. Today he owns his own restaurant (kind of), manages and fully operates the diner with the help of my daughter. He and my daughter also own their own home, three vehicles, his Harley Davidson motorcycle, and a boat. Plus they had a baby girl and a baby boy, just for me: now ages 5 and 1, respectively.

    I’m the Grandma!

    Between grandbaby one and two, they got into a tiff, I don’t know what it was about and I didn’t ask. My daughter came home, bringing her baby girl with her, and there was nobody happier than Me, Me, Me!
    My daughter looked for a job in her field, she did have a college degree, but there was nothing available in SE Idaho – BIG No Surprise. Baby daddy told her he hurt really bad because his family had sent him away, he didn’t have them anymore and now, she took his family here away. He was hurting more now, than he’d ever hurt in his life.

    But he didn’t got into a melt down or a jihad. He sent money for the support of his daughter and wife every month while my daughter was gone. He was and is a sensible, loving and caring man and a Shiite Muslim.

    He’d never kill his children or his wife. My son-in-law supports their life as well as his own. Sharia Law is an action of mad men, not the decision of loving fathers and husbands.

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